ACM Italy have been importing bandsaws and sanders into the UK snce the company was formed in 1979. For the last 10 years bandsaws have been brought into the UK as own label so the name ACM  has not been as well known as it should have been, although the machines are.


Over the years the companies product range has increased to include bandsaws to cut special materials and specialised bandsaws such as the summa and swing. Specialised sanders have also been a development.

The latest machine has been a beam saw which has been very popular in europe and will now be introduced to the UK.


 ACM UK has been formed to distribute the entire ACM range in the UK and Ireland. The two directors have long experience in woodworking machines and in particular bandsaws. Phil Meyers was sales director of record power, looking after the Startrite side of the business, previous to this he worked for many years for the original Startrite company in Gillingham. Lee Tamsett was production manager for Startrite originaly working in the Gillingham factory then moved with the company when it was sold and moved to the plant in rochester. Both directors have extensive knowledge and experience of bandsaws both for wood and metal.

 Unlike other distribution agencies ACM UK handle just ACM machines, so their focus is on just the ACM range giving dedecated service to the customer on these products.